We know accepting cryptocurrency can be scary.

So we created the Maltamap certification program to give you the peace of mind knowing your crypto business processes are appropriate.

Our Process:
We conduct research globally and here in Malta to determine what are the best tools to use when accepting, using, and storing cryptocurrency.
The certification is centered around three things:
1. Your crypto POS system
A bad POS system creates headaches and discomfort for your customers, yourself and your employees. That’s why we will provide a list of acceptable POS systems being used around the world. We will also evaluate your POS of choice if it isn’t currently on our list.
2. Which Crypto(s) you accept
Accepting a scam coin like bitconnect doesn’t do anyone any good. We strive to be cryptocurrency agnostic but we will review your cryptocurrency choices to make sure none are scams. We can also provide recommendations on which cryptocurrencies are the best for your particular business needs.
3. How you store your crypto
The fear of losing your crypto, whether by theft or making mistake, is a real concern. Fortunately if you follow best practices that threat is very minimal. Honestly, nearly nonexistent. We’ll make sure you are storing your crypto in a responsible way and if you choose not to, that you know and acknowledge the risks associated with your behavior.

Maltamap Certification Tiers


Meaning: You accept cryptocurrency is a smart and safe way.


Meaning: You accept cryptocurrency and you pay your employees or suppliers in crypto.


Meaning: You only accept cryptocurrency. No dirty fiat war money.

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